How to get IMPACT whole building assessment tools

IMPACT is a specification and database designed for software developers to adopt and incorporate into their tools. It is not a separate software tool. This approach has been taken to maximise dissemination, consistency and comparability in environmental impact assessment and life cycle costing. It also means users can benefit from IMPACT functionality inside their familiar software tools and day-to-day workflows.  Permission to use the logos below is granted only to tools that are 'IMPACT compliant'.

 IMPACT Stamp designs

(colour and b&w options for software developer choice).


IMPACT Compliant tools

IES logo 

IES were the first to release IMPACT compliant software tools. Please follow this link to the IES website... 


 eTool Logo

eToolLCD was the second software tool to become IMPACT compliant. Please follow this link to the eTool website...


 One Click LCA by Bionova lTD. is now IMPACT compliant. Please follow this link to the One Click LCA tool...