Cradle to Grave Assessment with Variable Study Periods

As buildings and other structures have long design-lives it is often the case that a significant proportion of the overall impact and cost will come from operation, maintenance and demolition. Typically, the majority of carbon emissions associated with buildings are due to the consumption of fuel/energy for heating, cooling and power. Similarly, water consumption and the maintenance and replacement of the building fabric have a considerable effect overall. However, as improvements in operational performance are achieved the relative importance of embodied impacts increases.

IMPACT is able to study the impact and cost of a design from between 0 (installation only) and 80 years allowing for the effect of different design and service lives to be exposed. When IMPACT is used in conjunction with operational energy and water consumption tools (such as within IES-VE or eTool) the interplay between the initial construction and operational impacts can be analysed to optimise the design.