Life Cycle costing (LCC)

The cost of operating and maintaining a building builds up over time and is significant when compared to the original capital cost of construction. Increasingly project teams are asked to undertake LCC to demonstrate cost-effective design and to plan expenditure over the building life. Equally the consumption of in-use resources has a significant effect on environmental performance so LCC can be used to justify low-impact design decisions.

IMPACT is aligned with latest BSI and  RICS industry guidance on life cycle costing, and will provide early indicative estimates as well as more detailed estimates at later stages of design. It will also enable shorter periods of assessment than the entire life cycle (e.g. to match funders requirements).

IMPACT also allows life cycle costs to be reported over the different phases of the lifecycle, as required by the European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC 350 for integrated assessment of economic sustainability.